S. Kağan Başarslan, Mehmet Zileli
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Fractures of the sacrum are uncommon and generally associated with fracture of the pelvis. Transverse
fractures of the sacrum are even less frequent, and neurological deficit may accompany these fractures. A case of
transverse fracture sacrum with cauda equina injury treated lately by sacral laminectomy and S1, S2 root
decompression, is reported. Since the first case report of sacral fracture with injury to cauda equine, there have
been sporadic reports of such fracture in the literature. We report an unusual case of transverse sacral fracture
with neurological damage, which presented to our clinic after four months of injury.
Key Words: Transvers fracture, trauma, spinal injury, sacrum

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Transvers fracture, trauma, spinal injury, sacrum

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