An Epidemiological Study Of Pulmonary Hypertension In Turkish Adult Population

Mehmet Bilgehan Pektas, Ayhan Pektas, Sadik Volkan Emren, Mustafa Aldemir, Gulay Ozkececi, Serdar Kula, Ismet Dogan
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Objective: The present study aims to evaluate the nationwide epidemiological characteristics of adulthood pulmonary hypertension (PH) within whole Turkish population over a period of five years using the registry of the National Health Insurance System.

Methods: All individuals aged more than 18 years who were admitted to a Turkish hospital for the first time between 2009 and 2013 with a discharge diagnosis of primary PH (ICD-10 code I27.0) and secondary PH (ICD-10 code I27.2) were identified.

Results: The overall annual prevalence of primary PH during adulthood was 9.6 cases per million. When compared with other age groups, the number of individuals aged more than 45 years was significantly higher in adults affected by primary PH during the study period (p=0.001 for all years). The female to male ratio was 2.2:1 for adulthood primary PH throughout the study period. The number of patients settled in the Northwestern Anatolia was significantly higher in the primary PH group (p<0.05 for all years). The overall annual prevalence of secondary PH in adults was 6.0 cases per million. When compared with other age groups, the number of individuals aged more than 45 years was significantly higher in adults affected by secondary PH during the study period (p=0.001 for all years).

Conclusion: The prevalence of adulthood PH in Turkey may be higher than that of adulthood PH in Western countries and adulthood PH usually affects Turkish individuals aged over 45 years.

Keywords: Adult; epidemiology; pulmonary hypertension

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